Real Estate

Why we exist

Africans in the diaspora face the challenge of insufficient information about real estate and various investment options available. Our mission at Done International is to help Africans living abroad plan, organize and execute projects back at home


Some of the services we provide include:

Project & property management

This includes:- Selling, House/ Home Building, Apartment, building/ Purchase/ Rent, Farm/ Land Survey, collecting rent, Showing units, Fixing deficiencies, Performing repairs and managing tenants

Real Estate Investment

This includes:-

  • Commercial property for sale/rent
  • Industrial property building for lease/for rent

Investment Feasibility Assessment

To provide information on the current market trends and what to be on the look out for so as to make informed decisions for good returns on investment.

Stay in the loop

Receive updates on our latest information on trends and happenings in the real estate sector in Kenya

About Us

Done! International is here to eliminate the friction associated with getting things done back at home by being a trusted service provider and gather information that is not out there and avail it to our clients and be able to make informed decisions on real estate investment in Kenya. Through this you will be able to contribute towards the economic growth and development of Kenya.

Done International is a project by Impact Africa Network

Impact Africa Network is a Startup studio in Nairobi on a mission to ensure that young talented Africans participate in the digital transformation of Africa as creators and owners