Mark Karake – Our CEO

Done International
Done International
Mark Karake - Our CEO

“…you already know this, that Africa is on fire and there is a lot going forward in the next 10-15 years. Africa is gonna be on significant growth, I mean we feel it…”

Mark Karake is the CEO of Impact Africa Network and Founder of Done International. He lived in the United States Silicon Valley for twenty years and later on moved back home to Kenya in 2018.

He experienced the difficulty that comes with getting a project done back at home and moving back home. Through the process he lingered with the question, why should it be so hard to get things done back at home yet there are so many opportunities and many people who need opportunity on the ground?

Find out why DONE INTERNATIONAL and many more story insights on the audio below of an interview with him, he tells us of his journey and his advice to the Africans living in the diaspora.